Energy philanthropy is being an expression of and radiating the energy of the values, feelings, qualities, experiences you want your life and relationships to reflect back to you. Allowing the energy to flow through you, with an open heart, helps you affirm, realize, appreciate yourself as someone who already is what you are trying to receive in the world. Naturally you would know yourself as a worthy being, and be open to receiving the flow as well.

Increase your flow by being an expression of the generosity, abundance and grace you want to realize.

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  1. Scholarship Fund to support young women in need to receive the education, support they need to heal their Inner Feminine wounds, and be fully embodying and expressing as the Divine Feminine.
  2. Consciousness Integration Support: Rehabilitation for the awakened ones as they come out of their healing cocoons and step back into the world with their gifts & fulfill their purpose
  3. Intentional Community. A sacred home for those who want to take their awakened integration and embodiment seriously, but also want to be in an environment nurturing and supportive of their higher sensitivity, greater awareness, and higher consciousness. A place to peacefully continue one’s spiritual growth, and be supported in living with higher values.  A place to cocreate with others who are ready to be of service to all of humanity and the Earth. 


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