Growing the spark within your heart to regenerate your own healthfulness, wealthfulness, and happiness.

Bringing the inner feminine into balance to access the power of Oneness.

Consciousness-mindfulness-meditation teacher, intuitive, wellness practitioner, transformation catalyst, healing guide.   

Trained by the best in the fields of consciousness, creation sciences, self-healing, coaching, leadership, wealth creation, business.

Our mission is to spark the hearts of humanity into being the highest expression of the Divine that is possible for them, to empower them to thrive in their natural creative brilliance, and to lead the evolution of our species and our planet through activating every individual’s self-healing abilities.



We bring a multidisciplinary approach to whole human wellbeing. We bring special attention to suppressed and hidden aspects of human potential and creative power: such as a coherent heart, the gifts of the right brain, and the healing of the Inner Inner Feminine polarity within all. 

Our intention is to support you to create wholeness from the Source of Oneness, by connecting with and expanding the numinous spark of light within your own heart.  We know being happy to be alive is an experience possible for all beings.

We are bringing balance and empowerment during the greatest shift of the human experience, by closing the gap of separation, disconnection and bringing the polarities back into harmonious union and neutrality and Oneness, to access the highest level of Zero Point power we need to evolve and expand to our next level of life experience. 

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